"fired from job based on statements from other employees"

United States
May 1, 2008 8:01am CST
Yesterday I reported to work at the restaurant I had worked at & was pulled back to office. I was told I would be terminated based on anonymous statements from a couple of employees. The GM explained that the HR person recommended termination based on these statements. Someone in the restaurant complained that they witnessed my selling prescription meds to other employees. The management admitted they where surprised & they had not seen any actions to that fact. My GM explained that I was an excellent worker & would be willing to give me any letter of recommendation I needed. I am 58 years old, retired from a 30 yr job and was horrified that people would go out of their way to lie like this and I'm not able to refute these charges or who my accusers are. At $10/hr this job can be replaced but I truly enjoyed working with our guests despite physical stress on this aging body. I am planning on applying for Unemployment here in Arizona but am not sure where I would stand based on termination charges. Questions: Should I apply for benefits & should I search for an attorney to handle these slanderous accussations. Thank you, Grenelda
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