So my heart feels like its about to explode

May 1, 2008 9:06am CST
I think im in love. We havent said it yet, but the anticipation is killing me. Im going to be seeing him in about and hour, and my heart feels like its going to explode with all the excitement of waiting to see him. Love is grand isnt it? Do you enjoy the feeling of butterflies, all the mushy stuff you experience while being in love. Do you find that even after a long period of time with the person, that the butterflies are still there?
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@jesbellaine (4140)
• Philippines
1 May 08
Yup, I remember that feeling. I am always excited to see my loveone. I think I love all the lovesongs I am hearing and I feel those mushy stuff that he is the one etc... hehehe... And yes, it is there. The feeling is still there... and I am glad. Cheers!
• Canada
4 May 08
dont you find that lovesongs make so much more sense when your in love?
• Philippines
6 May 08
yes, true. I find it easy to relate too when I am really in love.
@nishidh (105)
• India
13 May 08
when 1'st time i feel that feelings that time i want to meet my love twice in a day. and we enjoy lot fo fun. u start to see every things in different way u stay happy all the time. if you really love ur partner than after long time , that the butterflies are still there.... waiting for fun
@rmuxagirl (7554)
• United States
9 May 08
After three months my stomach still gets butterflies and I get so excited to see him. Everytime he walks up my sidewalk i just run and hug him. I get to see him in four hours when he gets off and it's like killing me to have to wait.
@aowaow (1516)
• Indonesia
1 May 08
Make sure don't let obsession takes control over you. Be yourself. Natural and commonly. Loving too fast usually will end up faster too.
@chiyosan (30206)
• Philippines
1 May 08
wow!!! young love!!! love... love.. love... i have been through such and even if i watch a movie that is so romantic i get the same feeling. i always wanted to feel this kind of emotion. it feels like its never going to end... just enjoy the moment.. and keep it that way.
• Philippines
1 May 08
I'm on a relationship even though I'm young. I guess it can't be stopped when you're in love. They say that love is might, love can change who you are and love can have all the feelings possible for a human being. My relationship with my girlfriend is good. We've been together for almost 1 year and haven't fight since then. We both love each other more than we love ourselves. Now we are faced with having a long distance relationship and we think we can manage it. We can still see each other, but not that frequent. Being in love change me into a better person. It really change me. Being in love also made me stick to one girl and loved her more and more everyday.