Need of moderator(s)

@cyrux004 (949)
August 18, 2006 10:24pm CST
Now its time that every body is starting to feel a need of moderator to maintain the sanity of the forum. There are some abusive posts which needed to be deleted immediately after they are posted, because i have just read from a couple of parents that even their kids are spending their time on mylot. I feel topics such as these will have a bad effect on them Secondly there are topics which are just a couple of words long which can make no sense. Even these topics should be deleted that take space up here Also there are some questions that are repeatedly being posted which also should be avoided So for performing the above tasks i feel its time that atleast 3 reuglar memebers be appointed as moderators who can take care of such posts..what do others have to say on this ?
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@ssh123 (31086)
• India
19 Aug 06
I fully agree with you. Don't you feel myLot has created a yellow button to help us to blacklist such statements which are totally abnoxious, indecent. Secondly, regarding discussions which have one or two words. One can ignore it. Do not attempt for it. Thirdly, there are some people who take the heading of a discussion posted by others and repeat the same as their discussion. Probably they might not have seen previous discussions. This site is a free site, and I feel it is better to leave it like that. myLot has already suggested the ways and means to clean up. Why not we stick to it.I really appreciate your concern.
@myLot (127)
• Kansas City, Missouri
19 Aug 06
Thanks for the feedback cyrux004. Trust me, there are moderators on this board! As our community grows, the amount of great content grows with it. But along with the increase in quality content comes and increase in, let's say, sub-par content :) Anyway, there are many posts which are deleted within minutes (or even seconds) of being posted. Obviously, most people never sees those. Currently the only moderators are myLot staff like me. Going forward, we have plans in the works for more self-moderation by the community, but that's really all I can say at this point. At this time, your best bet is to use the "Report Abuse" icon at the top of a discussion, if you feel that something inappropriate was posted. Patience is the key at this point! Rest assured that we have a team of talented programmers working around the clock on enhancing myLot. Thanks again for your feedback and your continued valuable contribution to our growing community!
• United States
19 Aug 06
i think its a great idea. ive been a moderator for boards before and there can never be enough sometimes.