Son Not Graduating

United States
May 1, 2008 7:18pm CST
My son was the one of my 5 kids that I have raised 95% on my own that I was so sure would excell from the beginning. I could see top of his class in highshool and moving on to college with scholarships. He is amazing. He is smart, adorable (ask the girls), funny, loving, thoughtful, and more. Just about 2 years ago he fell for a girl that completely took over his ability to think. He stopped doing home work because it took time away from visiting with her either personally or by phone. I did all the typical grounding, no phones, electronics, no girlfriend the works. He just lost interest and began hating me for causing friction to his relationship-she became more important than me, than his sisters and brothers, and yes school. After 18 months of stress to me and my household with his deep love and affection of this girl she did the unthinkable. She started seeing one of his good friends that he knew since they were in the 3rd grade. She denied it, but he saw them at the mall eating and then again going to the movies- he happened to work at the mall. She kept calling him to express her devotion to him and that she and the other boy were "just friends". After many tears and frustrations and a few almost fights with the other boy it finally ended. I do have to add that the other boys step dad threatened to shoot my son in the face if he ever talked to either of them again. Oh yes I called the police. It was uncalled for and scarry. My son cried for days and days- there is not much more terrible than seeing your 16-17 year old son with huge crocadile tears. It was awful and yes I cried too. We all spent huge amounts of time with him to encourage him that this would all go away in time. As we all know and all have experience the first love and first heart break. Thank god the end of last year he met a new girl. But because he let his work and attendence drop he does not have enough credits to graduate this year. Plus there is a new required culminating project and 23 credits required to graduate now. After much delibaration (crying thinking I failed him too) we decided the best thing to do is the GED- Shocking that my scholar will not have a diploma and I never will get to see him in his cap and gown that I paid for and I do not get to mail out the invitation that I paid for. I am only a bit irritated now rather than highly irritated before. He will still succeed but on a different road. He is either going to study computer technology or nursing. He is unsure as he has a huge intersted in both. So anyone else had to deal with the heartbreak/bad grades/ no graduation scenario? How did you survive it and how is your relationship with your son or daughter?
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