Do you take all the time in the world out of your day/week...

May 1, 2008 9:10pm CST
To take care of someone you love? my boyfriend's had a really bad headcold/flu all week and even though i should be in school I felt I needed to be with him to take care of him 'cause he was barely able to lift his head let alone go upstairs and make himself meals. So I would miss various classes this week, go over to his house and make him food and just lay around and keep him company. I don't do it hoping he'll do it for me next time I'm sick, because I know he would. I just do it so he knows how much I care about him. Try to limit his exertion as much as possible so he can rest up and get healthy. would you do that for someone you really loved? even if it meant missing something you should probably be attending?
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