Dream that is yet to come true

May 1, 2008 9:43pm CST
When I was in my undergraduate days, I set up a goal for myself. That before I reached my 27th birthday, I could be in a stable company, having a stable job and doing a stable profession. After graduation, I took up Law and finsh the same. My experience in the law school is pretty much exhausting and frustrating. I could not concentrate on it since I am likewise working. Comes the Bar Exam. I long to pass with flying colors since I came from not-so-known-law-school. However, my money that time cannot afford a bigtime law review school so I just content myself with what is there in the province. After the Bar, I landed a job in a non-life insurance company and immediately last December 2000, i got married to long-time girlfriend who waited for me for 12 years. The joy my wife bings me is my consolation for not passing the bar but the flame of desire to be one of those in the legal profession keep on burning deep inside me. Time flies so fast that i for seven years, was so consumed with my job that when i finally realize it, i have two kids already, and my present financial situation has not much to offer. They say God puts you in a tight situation so that He will be the only one you will hold on to and no one else. I am in that situation now. I call it a site of desperation. For several months now, me and my God has a constant communication. Reality knocks. No one can boldly say he fought so much to stay alive in the hurricane of problems without Him at his side. We will all comeback to him longing for his devine comfort. I am posting this topic for if anyone of you who will visit my forum and has some story to tell for encouragement, do so for you will contribute more to the lost souls outthere. Moreso, to me. You might rekindle the light of hope that someday i may become what I dreamt through all the years of my life - a lawyer.
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@teka44 (3421)
• Brazil
6 May 08
Hi orven welcome to mylot and enjoy. Well, what I have to say is that: never lose your hope. Life have hers ways. A long the years in my life I have seen many things my friend. I'm a teacher and twice I have pupils more old than myself because they need to care about family before and come to college later. But they been taking their dreams it is the important. I have a hard life too since I'm a single mother and my daughter is in university and I need to pay for that. To get my doctorate I needed to learn another language and I don't had money to pay for that because my daughter in this time is in high school (I need to pay the school). I don't have none to help me. So I learned English by myself and obtained my doctorate. I know that my English isn't good and I do many mistakes but I guess that people can understand me well. Life isn't a easy thing. If you have a dream have perseverance. Try to study by yourself in your spare time in your house. Time goes by anyway. I believe in you, I know you can do this and get your dream. When you become a lawyer give me an abatement if I need your professional duties . My best wish
@omar0913 (942)
• Legaspi, Philippines
6 May 08
My brother! You'll always be a lawyer for me even if you don't pass the BAR exam. I love you and I will always will, get hold of your dreams and pray more.