Did you ever pretend to be somebody you're not?

May 2, 2008 12:53am CST
Just out of curiousity, do you remember a time when you pretended to be somebody you're not? It could be because you really had to do it to please someone or to make that person like you. Share that experience here in this discussion. Your responses will not be judged.
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@ericajoyce (1746)
• Philippines
31 Mar 09
Hello drumbum04. Yes, I did remember a time when I pretended to be somebody else. I pretended to be a talkative person eventhough Im not. The reason why I pretended because I wanted people to like me. I feel that when Im shy nobody will like me and they would find me boring. It happened I think February 2002. It was my birthday.I celebrated it at home. A lot of people were there. Including my girl friends, guy friends, a couple of guys that I dont know and my then boyfriend. Since I was so concious of my timidness, I pretended to be someone else. I started talking and talking. People who knew me so well were surprised at my attitude. I also became a little ditzy. Nothing bothered me because for me I was having fun. When they all went home, the next day one of my boyfriend's guyfriend told him that he was annoyed by my ditziness. I explained to my boyfriend before the party started that Im going to pretend to be talkative just to get rid of my shyness. He explained to his friend that I wanted to get rid of my shyness. I think he wouldnt buy it. A few of my guy friends were also surprised by my attitude. For me I wasnt that annoying. I think they just got used to me for being quiet and shy thats why they reacted.
• Philippines
5 May 08
When I was in highschool, I have a classmate that looks a lot like me. Our classmates would be confused when were together especially when our faces don't show and they can only see our backs. There is this one time that we tried to fooled them by changing identities. At first it worked really great we can consider it perfect. We change our bags, our eyeglasses, the wa we moved and act, and almost everything was a complete copy of one another. It feels great to try something new and be someone new. It lasted longer than we expected when one of our classmates scattered the news that we changed identities. So we immediately changed back to our normal selves. But everbody knew that we've changed. So they called us wrong again. Oh it was fun. But it was very hard to do.