When and how did u realise that u r in love?

May 2, 2008 2:54am CST
I fell in love even before i could realise it that am in love..That was a great feeling..but then i dint know why am i feeling that way..like i dint know it was love..i was excited all day...and it continued for weeks.. was always laughing and happy(which i never do often) ,it felt like as if i had a booster injection of confidence..but at the same time the thrill overwhelmed me..i met her in an online chat...i loved talking to her lots..and will turn blue if she doesnt stay with me online for long..i loved teasing her and i loved her childishness..gosh..but even before i saw her i was already head over heels for her..lol..so when did u realise that u r in love???and how did it feel?
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@visijay32 (447)
• Philippines
2 May 08
There is a need in taking the risk in having a relationship.
2 May 08
oh..for me i firmly believe ''life has no risks,only opportunities,so why fear???! :)"
@winterose (39892)
• Canada
2 May 08
I had butterflies in my stomach, I could not think of anything else my this boy, I wanted to be with in night and day but of course I couldn't I had school and he was older and had to work. I was so happy, my first love was many, many years ago.
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2 May 08
wow...though its many many years...its lovely to cherish all those moments now..is it not..happy mylotting
• Indonesia
3 May 08
I had a crush on him when my friend introduced him to me.. so we chit chat each other by email. after 3 months i try to disapeard from him, coz I'm too afraid to fall in love again, but still I have the same feeling like the first time I knew him. a half year after that I still have the same feeling and I miss him.. so I sms him saying "hi, how are you? do you have any girlfriend or not? just kidding.haha" and he reply my sms.. "I'm still wait for you, kidding too" n we both laugh.. after that I disapeard again, just to see his reaction and I hope he feel losing me, like I feel miss him everyday.. A year after I know him, I start realized that I do love him and my feeling said that I can take him to be mine. I ask him to going date with me in my birthday and he said yes.. and not so long after that he become my boyfriend, I become his girlfriend.hehehehe... still until failure notice. amen..
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