Are you having a nice day?

@anex08 (868)
May 2, 2008 3:35am CST
Have a nice day!! this is always the end up line for transaction we made in a fast food restaurant. Does this little send off make you tired? I know its just an attempt to give customer a pleasant word but having a nice day is not that easy even if someone tells u too. Having a nice day takes a lot of effort for some but I learned some tricks to boost my spirit up even when I feel down. First - Pray and thank GOD each morning you wake up Second - Give yourself a look, with a smile face the mirror then sadden yourself at once, decide which way you want yourself to appear. Third - let go of nega feelings by looking at the happiest moment of your life, reflect for a minute and move. Fourth - keep that smile you have, you will earn more friends ahead Lastly - Say "Thank you God for giving me such a nice day" have a nice day!!;-)
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