@Modestah (11192)
United States
May 2, 2008 10:01am CST
Have you ever been to a surprise party where you were the honored guest? Were you truly surprised? What was the purpose of the party? (birthday, moving, baby, wedding) Did you enjoy it? Several years ago (just over 13) we lived on a military base and there was a huge turnover going on. One of the gals in a group I belonged to was moving shortly - so my mother told me they were having a surprise party for her... we could go in mom's car. I made a nice gift for her (a fabric covered photo album) and mom had a few gifts already wrapped - off we went. When we arrived at the home where the party was it seemed we were a little late - I saw the gal who was moving pull up and told mom we better not get out of the car just yet - so we circled around the block a couple of times. We went in - I put the gals gift on the gift table and sat in the living room with the other ladies. We were having a fun time reminiscing and snacking on foods.... then all of a sudden they brought the cake in and presented it to me!!! what? what is this!!!?? Turns out that *I* was the guest of honor and I did not realize it till I was there almost an hour!!!! IT was a baby shower.
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@MsTickle (25051)
• Australia
5 May 08
Oh WOW! What a big surprise...that must have been awesome. I was recently invited to a surprise baby shower. I don't know why it had to be a surprise. The poor lady it was for was so self conscious and uncomfortable.....some people just don't like surprises. They had also invited another pregnant lady at the last minute and while we all had gifts for my friend, this other lady received nothing. Most of us didn't even know she was invited. Pretty slack, eh?
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@joyce959 (1561)
• Philippines
2 May 08
So far I have not yet experienced a surprise party. I had just watched in some news, some of the movie and tv stars who were given surprised party. Some turned emotional and teary eyed for the surprise and un-announced occasion. I know how surprised you really are by the baby shower party that was given to you and I think it made you teary-eyed for the thoughtfulness and gifts.