What is Windows vista's status right now?

@pandu89 (350)
May 2, 2008 11:10am CST
Is it still as horrible
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@Asylum (48076)
• Manchester, England
2 May 08
It will never improve in respect of an older computer because there are no drivers for older hardware. The manufacturer's of hardware parts are reluctant to release drivers for hardware a few years old because they prefer that people have to purchase new components, which is causing Microsoft to receive unjustified criticism. If you have an older computer or peripherals then avoid Vista, but if you buy or build a new computer then Wista will not present you with any problems.
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@ferdzNK (3214)
• Philippines
4 May 08
Thanks Ayslum for these one. I have never thought of it that way. "Manufacturer's are reluctant to release drivers" they do actually only at a later date.
@ameeluv (388)
• Saint Lucia
15 May 08
yes very horrible... i hate using vista its like a nightmare.. and i dont think i see the future gettin any clearer.. mor and more more vista comps are being made n less xp... soo its jus dealw ith it.. there are bundles of problemsss with thata nd i think it should jus be banned.. honeslty.. im really tired of vista
@phoenix25 (1542)
• United States
13 May 08
I really don't see what all the complaining is about. I have had Windows Vista on 2 new computers that I bought last year. At first they were glitchy, but after I got windows patches installed it was a lot better. One thing that is weird is that I have a windows update that will not install for some reason. I like vista though for some of it's user-friendly features. People should know by now, though, that Microsoft products usually have problems for a couple of years after they come out. It's always smart to wait about 3 years before buying new Microsoft technology. This has also been true with the XBox 360, which has had a lot of hardware failures due to shoddy saultering and some loose ports in the back. However, I have to commend Microsoft for its fervor in fixing problems. My 360 had a hardware failure. I sent it back free of charge because Microsoft had extended the warrantee for hardware failures. They sent me back a refurbished system and it's as good as new now.
• India
10 May 08
no vista isnt horrible, i love it, yes its till bit slow as compared to xp ,but it have much more security features as compared to xp, still many games are not compatible with vista
@Al_Bobid (89)
• Philippines
5 May 08
Not good. It is still horrible,I would still prefer the old reliable Windows XP. But you can tinker with it to make it feel like and look like an XP. Installing old games and programs is a problem though.... Enjoy...
• India
4 May 08
its more friendly dut it can not support all softwares