Finally a job that is stress free!

United States
May 2, 2008 1:21pm CST
I have worked at collection agencies, retail stores, restaurants, movie stores, banks, and insurance companies. There has always been good and bad at each but I am pretty easy going so I always make it the best. I have to say after being unemployed for a few months and making it barely my new job is pretty darn good. I am making commission only as I did at my last job of 5 years (lost it due to threat of company closure). I am making $300 to $400 per month right now, yes I know that is terrible but this type of work has the potention to make 10 times that in time. I know this from previous experience. I have my own office for the first time; its painted a mustart yellow. So relaxing. I play my music of choice, I come in at 8:30 and leave at 4:30 every other day. On my down days I come in and advertise or just do what ever I need or want, but I do not need to be in the office. Currently because I am a bit broke I am working part time for a day care a friend owns. But really my boss is fantastic, she nice, smart, funny, and down to earth taking no bull from anyone. Her daughter runs the front office and her brother in law is an agent, and the office mascot is her little 2 year old granddaughter who runs the halls daily. You will never miss an episode of backyardigans...Everyone is friendly and sharing. We all work to gether there is no competition or office crap. Do I make alot of money yet; no, but my fiance and I know there is potential because I am a good insurance agent and I keep the customer that I get. I love helping people and the stress free environment. So we will live pay check to pay check and get by because this beats the corporate rat race. Oh did I mention my kids can come into the office any time they want. So cool. I hope everyone can find a stress free job that they can live with. In the end you cannot take money with you but you can leave behind memories of being nice, loving, having time with your family, and no stress because you had a decent job.
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• United States
3 May 08
I hope one day I will have a job like that. At the moment I don't have that.I work in retail. Even though I want to be in Law Enforcement/Corrections and I know that will be a stressful job, I'm okay with that! I really want to help people and being able to hopefully change their outlook on life. I think as long as you are doing something you love and don't get up everyday hating going to work is thes best job for you! I hope it contiues to be a great job for you and to earn more income soon!! :)
@elsoft12 (1825)
• India
2 May 08
Thats cool.