Do you ever learn new frugal ideas?

United States
May 2, 2008 3:21pm CST
With all the web sites out there about living frugal, do you ever find new ideas. I do once in a while but I feel like mostly living frugal is a matter of common sense. I love it when all of a sudden I find a new idea that I know will save me anything at all. I know I still have a lot to learn. Do you feel like you know it all or are you still learning new things?
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• United States
4 May 08
I consider my self frugal, but I'm not a penny pincher. I have some things i do to save money, but there are always more ways out there to learn how to save. I rarely cut coupons because the things they save on, we don't buy. Or I can just buy the generic brans that cost less anyway. I always shop sales, and use my saver cards in all the stores I frequent. One of them even gives me points to save on gas. I also shop the little discount stores like family dollar and big lots for all of our household needs. I have limits that I spend on certain items. If the store doesn't have what we want or need within the limits, we go with out or wait until we visit another store. Happy shopping
@peavey (16879)
• United States
3 May 08
I've lived frugally all my life, it seems. I've written about it for 9 or 10 years and advise others about it and still find things I'd never thought of. I don't think anyone can know it all.
@cher913 (25865)
• Canada
2 May 08
yes, i get books out of the library on frugal living and although they dont have a large section of these books, they do have a i check out websites that are good as well...
@GreenMoo (11837)
2 May 08
Occassionally I come accross a new idea and it's like a lightbulb went off - why didn't I think of that before?! I think we get into habits in the way we do things though, and tend to forget there are other (cheaper!) ways to do things. We had a guy who stayed with us for a while who was the most frugal guy you could ever hope to meet, but he was completely gobsmacked when he realised that I don't use washing detergent in my machine. He'd never considered the possibility before. The frugal sites are good for reminding us of frugal tricks we may have forgotton though. It's really easy to slip into bad habits, or to forget good habits. And of course the other reason that I use them is to remind myself that I'm not strange, I'm not weird! It's quite normal and acceptable and sensible to want to make the most of your money!
@danzer (2731)
• Philippines
2 May 08
I agree with you that frugal living is mostly common sense. Common sense is what we have in common which we do not commonly use! Everyday is a learning experience for me. Therefore, I cannot say that I know it all. The biggest room is the room for improvement. Saving is one area where we need to improve! Good day to you and happy saving.