Food advertising to young children

United States
May 2, 2008 8:23pm CST
Do you think the food advertising industry needs to be more responsible in how they market to children? Do you think there should be a limit to the amount of junk food commercials that are run on tv. It always surprises me that the fruit and vegetable industry never runs ads to promote healthy eating to youngsters?
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• India
5 May 08
hello luisa you have noticed a good word..the problem which i think with them is they are most interested in marketing there product to increase there sales....healthy eating for them matters only to meet the standards to bring it into market...
@obidan (367)
• Romania
3 May 08
I think that every commercial should have an ending like this: ,, This item when consumed in large amounts can cause cancer among other diseases'' or something like that... Also I don't think any FastFood should be kid-friendly like McDonald that is getting 80% of their earning because of the children. Vegetable and fruit industry can promote their food, but with little luck because: 1. It doesn't look as good as a hot double hamburger 2. Cartoon Network and other programs that have cartoons have different shows, and those shows are mostly about children. Shows like Ed Edd Eddy are telling children not to eat their vegetables, and other shows like that. However I love Ed Edd Eddy and I think the parents should educate the children about proper food , even though they may not listen to their parents that much the information gets printed in their mind and they might stop eating that much FastFood !
@fifileigh (3620)
• United States
3 May 08
media is the media....i think it is up to the parents and the parents' responsibility to feed their kids healthy. do people really pay attention to commercial? i never did. every time a commercial is on, i am either in the bathroom or in the kitchen. i never bought anything i saw on tv.
@barehugs (8983)
• Canada
3 May 08
This generation of children will be the first who don't outlive their parents, and this is because so many of them are obese. The Junk Food Companies should be stopped from marketing to Children. The fruit and vegetable industry realises that kids are tuned into Hamburgers and Coke, and not Ripe Red Apples and Broccoli.