Could you give me some advice of how to do the dormitory relations?

@zz1111 (215)
May 2, 2008 8:43pm CST
So boring!i am so depression about my dormitory relations.even to i don`t want to return at all,i swear i never to see them ,yes,this is so bad,can you help me out? i am a college student,a happy,introverted and calm boy ago.but since i get into the college,everything is changed.i hate reading,not like to talk,the only thing i want to do is play,some the beginningm,everything is well,but recently the relation with my dormitory is getting worse day by day. this just begin a quarrel for little day,he used my computer with knocking the key heavily and hitting my mouse crudly!but.... what i could say?i looked him quietly and angry.but he didn`t notice at all!there ...he always talked something without thinking,i dont know whether he consider others`,when he say something like that way about me,the quarrel happens!now,we dont say or touch each other any longer.but i feel bad about this because we must live`so so me,please!!!
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