Is there a time when something horrible happens while posting or responding?

May 2, 2008 9:12pm CST
I had these experience for two times. Once when I was posting a very very long discussion, I'm already finished, at that time I'm gonna press start discussion when at that very moment, the internet broke down. It said "Page cannot be displayed". So I tried to refresh it but at that time it was gone. So I pressed back and then my hard earned post was gone too. I was so irritated that I almost threw my keyboard and mouse and on the window. The second time was also like the same. So, how about you? Did you have similar incidents? What will you do if you were me? Will you also feel irritated? Share some of your stories that erased your post.
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@sisterjinx (1136)
• United States
3 May 08
Oh do I know how you feel. The other day I found a discussion about homeschooling that I felt very knowledgable about and I began typing my response. I wrote and wrote and wrote some more. (no not me lol) Anyway, I had written out my whole story and advice for this person which ended up being probably the longest post I have EVER written, which is saying alot. I hit post response and the little line started moving. Suddenly the oh no screen came up. The internet had experienced one of those inevitable spasms and my post was gone. No way was I typing all that again, so I moved on. But I was so frusterated and I thought about it for the rest of the night.
• Philippines
3 May 08
Yeah. Did you felt that you should no longer write it? Well I did. It's just that you already have a long response and your'e gonna write it again? Or what if something bad happens again? So what I did was to keep my reponse as short as possible.
@Bizziebod (3526)
3 May 08
Oh it happens all the time, in fact If it's a really long posting that I don't want to lose I simply copy it and if it's lost I can paste it into the page when I get it back. It takes two seconds to do and saves a lot of annoyance in the end!