Rat Xiaodi (1899-1985) Erwin Brooke Sihuai Te (U.S.)

May 2, 2008 10:31pm CST
New York has one pair of Frederick Keliteer his wife, gave birth to a second boy,??????. He then only small rodents, also look like rats. It is precisely because Stewart is very small, he can not drill drilling into people's places, we do not do these things. He flexibility, courage and love to help others. For example, he drains Qubang mother to find a ring; help-Dr. Luo Kali driving model sailboat, a match victory. Of course, but also because small, he Chuang a lot of trouble, was once the shutter, vol to go, was also kept in the refrigerator almost died…… he????, in order to frighten away the cat was looking for a small Bird friends Ma Jia Luo, he has to break through the world. Despite the way he experienced difficulties and dangers, but he always kept a purpose, in any case to find Ma Jia Luo. The author said that this was "the pursuit of writing a story. Life is the pursuit of…… In this world, many of us have lived in the pursuit of a better things of life."
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