Love confuses us

United States
May 3, 2008 12:48am CST
The feeling of love sometimes confuses us in a way that we dont understand. Love is supposed to be a good feeling from deep in the heart. With honesty, trust, and faith. But on the other hand the other part of love that confuses us is when there is cheating, dishonesty, and no loyalty to one another. So lets lay it on the line, without putting our love deep within our hearts we could never make it as one. But, on the other hand if we put our full strength of love in our hearts it will never tear us apart. a poem i wrote. let me know what you think
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@ozzeth (942)
• Philippines
3 May 08
For me when i really love the person i will not feel any confusion even whatever it takes. Maybe i am tough and i am not afraid to love someone. I don't know but i do understand some other who feel that way. There are a lot of reasons why people sometimes feel any confusions. Not only because of the reasons of cheating, dishonesty and no loyatly...Just because that person have NO TRUST on you. How can he say he LOVES you if he can NEVER TRUST you? I don't want to think deeply of this issue. Because it's hurting me in a reasons because the person who said that loves me is confused. I don't understand but inspite of that i still love him. I am not expecting any..I am moving on my own way right now. Oh my Gosh..I don't want to cry again..This subject really remember me of something.