why do we try so hard?

United States
May 3, 2008 12:52am CST
why is it that we as women try so hard to be everything to a man and most of the time we find men who can't be a least a little bit for us. for example we must dress sexy,cook,clean, have a nice body etc. what if we had children and our bodies didn't bounce right back. they wouldn't complement you and tell you that you still look good no most of them will put you down.but if a man gains weight can't cook or clean we are suppose to deal with it. I'm telling you it aint fair we should no longer try to be so much for a man until he proves to us that he can do the same.
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@slothgurl (572)
• Enumclaw, Washington
3 May 08
I believe it is women that think that way that have the problems. If you are secure with your body and yourself,you should not have worries. When you are constantly thinking you need to be nicer, skinnier, cleaner, or whatever, how in the world can someone else accept you when you are not even comfortable with yourself. How could they know the real you? When you are comfortable, no matter what condition you or your surroundings are in, then everything comes together. If someone only values you for looks, or duties, remember there is always someone else right behind them that sees with the heart~!! #:)
• Philippines
3 May 08
Yes, you are right. For me, a woman should have a self confidence so that she would be able to be with herself to show his true personality to a guy. I wouldn't stay for a man who would just use me as a decoration or display in his life, I deserve someone better than that. hehehe.
• United States
16 May 08
i know what u mean i know i am only 17 almost 18 but i have lived with my boyfriend for almost a year...i have done EVERYTHING you can think of and for what he does nothing in return at all!!! the thing that sucks is that i have fallin in love with him :( but im trying not to do so much for him anymore just to see if he realizes how much i do do for him. maybe he will respect the fact he has me...
@ladysakurax (1163)
• Canada
13 May 08
Not all men are like this. I am not ugly but I don't look like a top model either. I can help cleaning but my bf will be the one who will cook lol. I am not touching the kitchen and he will. But i must say that he does alot of things to look appealing to me so i have to do the same and not to try looking crappy. If after your hard work your bf doesn't see this, something must be wrong. The man should go buy a pair of glasses or we find someone else who can see the true beauty in you.
@Conring5 (10)
• United States
5 May 08
I know exactly what you are talking about. I was married for seven years to a man that did not appreciate anything I did for him. I had his two children and after my second one was born the compliments and I love you's went out the window along with my self esteem. Then I found my current boyfriend. There is a 10 year age difference between us and I have to say that he is a god send. He took on my two kids as his own. I almost gave up on the thought that there are still good men out there, but I found one of the very few left. If a man loves you he won't care if you put on a few pounds and if you wear makeup everyday or not. He would help out around the house with out complaining. You are right, women need to stop trying so hard to please a man. No one should have to convince someone to love them.