I can't understand

@pooh08 (671)
May 3, 2008 2:18am CST
I can understand my father. In this morning, he suddenly angry ­with me. Yesterday tonight, I forgot unbind my USB. He said me that this is the second time he saw me don't unbind USB. He said more my computer has virus by my USB. When you go on internet, can you avoid virus? He was blame on me. I can't understand him. He made me angry every much. At that time, I argument w­ith him. Then I and my mother go out and leave him alone. Sometimes he made me angry. But I think he is my father so I don't talk aloud. I sympathize him. If you was me, what will you do?
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@adhyz82 (36262)
• Indonesia
8 Jan 12
i know the situation pooh.. iam late for responding and i dont know it this reply will helps you..i dont know.. but i think maybe this respond will be useful for somebody else outside you and me.. i think thats naturally when sometimes a children get conflict with their parents.. try to convince your father when you had conversation with him.. but don`t talk aloud with him..he is still your father