August 19, 2006 12:37am CST
My friend told me this story, A fat man and a lean man they are both friends, riding on a cycle in a high way, suddenly they met an accident and the both injured, the fat and the lean are admitted in a hospital the fat got the bed near the window, the lean quite near to him. The lean cannot walk, the fat too. The lean asked wit the fat what do u see at the window side.The fat replied i can see two little boys playing and many birds are feeding by a father, a big church is also there so its very intresting and good to watch. Then the lean thought to occupy the place. Daily it continues, one day the fat became very serious, the fat cannot able to speak, but the lean can, then the fat dies. if lean can shout to a doctor the fat can no chance to die. But lean is thinking about the place where the window. So the fat is taken to post martem. lean was changed to fats place, but lean cannot see any window there. The window is closed with bricks, then he came to know all the stories by fat is to make him happy. Then he really worried about the fat friend. What do u learn from this story. Ur comments please.....
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@squallming (1776)
• Malaysia
31 Mar 13
I think the story tells us that we should be kind and sincere with people around us. Because people may be doing the same thing to us when we don't even realize it. Appreciate what people do for us and make this world a better place. While actually the story also tells us the evil nature of human, they are selfish most of the time and would hurt others in order to get what they want. This is shown by the lean wanted the fat to die so that he can get the fat's place near the window to look at what's happening outside. I guess if everyone would behave and adapt the good qualities of the fat, the world will become a wonderful place to live in.