Is Robert Mugabe still seen as Zimbawe's hero, or is he a villain?

May 3, 2008 7:08am CST
Robert Mugarbe is a double edged sword. On the one hand he is a hero of Zimbarbwe for not least uniting tribes within that nation and for initiating social programmes which halved child imortality rates there. But his auterity progamme has culminated in alleged imovershment of Zimbabwe. This has been exacerbated by his land reform programmes whereby he reclaimed farms owned by white imperialists for the black natives who according to the British press lack the resources of skills to farm productivley. The situation has been further exacerbated by sanctions imposed on Zimbarbwe because of Mugabe's alleged corruption. As such, the British press claims that there is food shortages, high inflation and tension in Zimbabwe. So is this highly intelleget, well educated man, Robert Mugabe hero or villain of Zimbarwe?
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• Dominican Republic
3 May 08
...the real unity of the community must be based on a different historical and theoretical understanding of the essence of the economic and social contradictions of the African Continent and not as Mr. Mugabe does in the nation since it reproduces the nature of the antagonisms between the social groups struggling within that State. For example, his social programmes have been able to reduced child imortality rates but still the problem exist. In addition, the land reform prgrammes that reclaimed farm owned by "white imperialists" for the black natives has not solve the character of property relations therefore reproduces the situation... What I'm saying is that the problem of farm productivity and lack of resources is not determined by the "lack of skills" of the proletariat but rooted in the division of labor. So the sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe because of Mugabe's "alleged corruption" won't even help to solve the situation but will have a direct impact on the economic and social conditions of the working class. Let me ask the following question then: How could we erradicate food shortages, high inflation and tension in that State? The historical answer requiered won't be given by Robert Mugabe since his not a hero or villian of Zimbabwe but a puppet of international capital!!!