Public Restrooms - Reasons for not flushing a poo

May 3, 2008 10:33am CST
I've read some posts here about public restrooms being dirty, unflushed toilets, etc. Fortunately I live and work in an area that has fairly clean restrooms, and only sometimes do I run across a dirty restroom that I would be concerned about using. But it got me to thinking about why some people do not flush public toilets after doing a poo and I was wondering about what others had to say for the reasons that they do not flush after doing a poo. I must admit I have been guilty of not flushing a poo that I have done in public restrooms on numerous occasions, and there are two reasons why. First I tend to be a bit irregular (I'm in my 20's btw)and often won't need a poo even after 3 or more days. Needless to say, when I do poo I poo big-time. I have clogged the toilet at my house many times and have the same concern about clogging public toilets (that happened once and I don't want a repeat of that experience). The other reason is that I sometimes actually want someone to see a big poo that I have done, even if they don't know it was me who did it. I know guys are more bragging about their poos, but, hey, us women can do some pretty big poos as well! In the large office building that I work at it is sometimes not uncommon to see unflushed BM's in one or more of the toilets (and, yes, I am guilty here as well). I sort of get a buzz to see what others have done (I think this is a carryover from my high school days). I struck up a conversation once with one of my co-workers (she's in her 50's and has constipation issues) who has left BM's unflushed for fear of clogging the toilet. I have also talked to friends who admit that they don't flush because they want others to see, so I am not the only one who does this. So, I am curious what you gals and guys out there have for reasons not to flush a BM. Thanks ... Megan
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3 May 08
I honestly think its disquisting to the next perosn who want's to use the toilet. It should be the person who has finished using the bathroom, to flush their toilet. I find it VERY rude when i see a toilet dirty when someone has just left the stall.