God Bless America

May 3, 2008 10:50am CST
On my very first trip to the United States just over a week ago-I have have seen the Empire State Building,used the subway,trains,the buses and even taxi, i have this to say; In my mind,for the week the wAY I UNDERSTAND THE SYSTEM is that one has to work very smart ,not hard in obtaining success. The Networks,Institutions,Million of people on the streets, one should make lotes of money.The Cmpetition is there and so is Product and people all must make money, the Chine's,Indians,Arabs, the Whites as well and the blacks (some of them)still have in their mind that thier down fall is because of the white man's success-I see only the Strong and brave and those that have a plan would survive or make a good living; Why ,in effect if this is so true it is also very hardto gret jobs with benefits if one is undocumented. Why in God's name are there people risking their lives to get there even thought it means Risking THEIRS. God Bless America
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@danzer (2732)
• Philippines
3 May 08
America today is not the same as it used to be - the land of milk and honey. Now, morality has gone down and most people are materialistic. The blessing of God for America is slowly slipping out. Gone are those days when the leaders of that country are godly leading their people for good!
• France
4 May 08
This doesn't happen in America only,in Europe the life is changing and one has to do with what he can handle. Milk is still flowing through the streets of every City in the United States of America. You do one single on the music scene,good words,nice music good contact you make Millions.Inventions.So many Direct Selling Programs (Iam involved in one visit my website www.nexeurope.com/healthysavings),one can almost get to do something if he/she wants too. The other or only problem is what you should do with the money you earn. Later