I didnt expect to be sad

May 3, 2008 12:44pm CST
Some of you commented last week, when i said i was looking after my daughters dog, whose name is Keira, I took her out everyday or rather she took me. She is a very lively 4 year old, and seemd to me to be full of boisterous fun,. I thought i would take her for a walk in the park and do what I was supposed to do, but it ended up us sopending hours running, me laughing, playing fetch and running myself ragged, while she was still full of beans. I found a new 'world', the trees, the leaves, the grass, the flowers, the smells, the changing weather, the fresh air and most of all I found fun and laughter with this lovely animal. Suddenly i began to dread my daughter coming to collect her after her holidays, on her last day with her I stayed out longer and played and cuddled her, never did I think i would be so sad to let her go. But I am - how about you - is there a time you felt sad when you least expected it?
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@aswinbio (174)
• India
3 May 08
ya even i had a dog. he would find me even at a distance of more than 100 metres and smell me and follow me to the house. dog is such a wonderful and faithful animal.
13 May 08
I know - I know its so great dont you think to have such faithful creatures who care about us no matter what. I feel like a new freind has come into my life Thanks for response
@gemini_rose (16268)
3 May 08
Yes I have had this feeling too, I mainly get it when I am having a good day with my children and I watch them playing and having fun and I look at them and mark it in my memory as a good day and then I will find myself thinking that this day is now just a memory and although there will be other memories I will never have this day again, and that one day they will be grown up. These thoughts just come into my head when I least expect it and it makes me feel so sad.
3 May 08
Oh that is a sad feeling/thought. Time is si short and passes so quickly - they will be grwon before you know it maybe take loads of pictures - much easier now with digital. All my children are grown up now and honestly they are just as much fun and lovely, propbably more so for me - as i never seemed to get it right when I was younger and now i am mature, I reltae, chat and enjoy their company, I think they like me too. Thanks for response