How weird would it be if...

@kaysue4 (951)
United States
May 4, 2008 4:34am CST
you take and switch your age around? I am 39 and I can't even think of what it would be like to be 93. My mom is 86 and she still lives in her own apartment and can fix a few meals on her own. So, I can't imagine that I would be that good at her age. Let see, at 93 I would hope to have made a difference in other people's lives. To have a few great, great grandkids that I would have spoiled to death. I would be like my mom in that she would always have cookies and candy at the house for them to have, even if it was before dinner time for them. I would like to still be able to have someone take me to a park to enjoy the birds and squirrles running up and down the trees. And one finial thing, I hope I never get tired of being on the internet by that age. So, what fun can you have with your age numbers?
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@113003455 (160)
• China
5 May 08
Then,i'll be 2 yrs old,lol~Facing so much now as an adult,sometimes i really want to go back to childhood.When i'm 2 yrs old,i don't need 2 worry anything.THAT'S GOOD.
@jer31558 (3683)
• United States
5 May 08
Lol, I could pretty much have a new start. I would be 24. Well, that wouldnt be bad, except when I was 24 I had not met my wife, nor did I have any children. Interesting concept, but I think that I would have to keep things as they are, thats way way too much to lose just to be young again.
@winterose (39892)
• Canada
5 May 08
well I am 53 so I would love to be 35 again, I would have no pain, that would be the greatest thing, and I would get out of the house as much as I could which I can't do now. It would be paradise.
@MGjhaud (21963)
• Philippines
4 May 08
I'm 23 now so not bad when I switch it. Probably if I'm 32 now, I'll be working hard for something I ever wanted since. If maybe I'm a little older than that, maybe I'll be doing something I have dream of but thought as an impossible thing to happen way back when I was younger.
• India
4 May 08
I will be 23, something I sure don't want to be again, unless I go back to 23 with the wisdom of 32. Yup, that is a better idea. It I go back to 23 with the wisdom of 32, I think I won't make the stupid mistakes I made back then. I think I would live a happier life. But, such a chance is not given to us, is it? Cheers and happy mylotting
@cdparazo (5768)
• Philippines
4 May 08
I am now 32 years old and I would love to be 23 again. Boy! I had so much fun at that age. There may be things too that I have not done that I may do. I don't really have big regrets, except that I would have taken more risks and ventured into more adventures.
@hcpoirot (1562)
• Indonesia
4 May 08
a lot of fun it turn out to be. i will become 23 again ahahaha. Its always a wonderful feeling if I can turn back 9 years back. feeling young again although I still feel young at my age now.
@Elixiress (3882)
4 May 08
I am 17, so I would be 71. I would be in an old persons home wetting myself as a daily routine by then I think.