Is there corruption everywhere in Politics

@Goatlady (159)
May 4, 2008 2:05pm CST
Is it just me, well, I know its not just me, but is there corruption everywhere in Politics, is the ones who grease the palms who succeed, and the little person pushed down and pay for it? I know that around here only the ones with money can get what they want, or with connections, they pay off the "right people". Also before we moved, our house was just about to close, and the town board decided that a porch/sunroom that was on the house when we bought it was illegal. bear in mind that a violation was issued October, and we closed in January. They wouldnt let us close the sale, and said that it would "only" cost us a couple of thousand to get it fixed. And said, just pass it to the new people. I got on the phone - and said just because we are in Ireland doesnt mean you can pull the wool over our eyes. - I told the Town that I would contact Help me Howard and 7 on your side. That I had the access and could do it. Within 45 minutes - a no violation letter was issued and we were allowed to sell. - Over here it seems to be pretty much the same thing - who you know and who you pay off! Doesnt it get you sick!
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@sirnose (2440)
• United States
4 May 08
Thats how it is,it ain't what you know its who you know, thats how you get things done almost anywhere in the world,grease someones hand and "presto" you in or you got whatever it was you wanted.How sad but true,greed and corruption is ruining this country and this world.Who's to blame i don't know both political parties here does it you name it pack money,kickbacks,perks,etc.