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May 4, 2008 2:58pm CST
hey guys im new to this web and looking forward to getin my first paypal payment (then i can get a whole lot more than i usualy get for poket money) but i just wanted to find out what games everyones talkiong about latly post you comments, share your gaming knoledge to the world! i await your posts
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• United States
4 May 08
Well, right now its all about the GTA 4 baby! Gettin a 360 is one of the reasons why im using this site, but i still like mtlot because I can share my opinion..Anyway, its gta 4, cod4, and a little bit of halo 3...but people barely play halo 3 anymore tho...
5 May 08
cool but my game of choice has got to be the half life 2 series, absalutly love the physics engine its allmost a seamless game exept from small loading points but if you notice you have to make your own way through the game as theres no cutscenes taking you to new areas just you and somthimes your car/ buggy
11 May 08
im also getting a ps3 soon (for free i might add) so then ill be able to get GTAIV watched all the gamer tv reveiws an at: looks absalutley brilliant (im also getting a free HD tv as well courtesey of my mums new boyfreind (ps3 as well))