Today is good

May 4, 2008 3:39pm CST
Today at the church service, is really wonderful. Pls those of us who are Christian and go's to church, i will like to know your experience for these Sunday service or any other Sunday is like? My is very wonderful the preaching and prayer of the pastor make fell relive as if bundle of load was taking out of me. And when i got home my family was another source of joy that makes today to be a good day. So how about you all good people can shear your Sunday experience? ............
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• United States
5 May 08
I love going to my church. We have Sunday morning and evening services and a bible study on Wednesday evening. I love the Lord and every time I assemble with those of like mind I get such a blessing. My husband, oldest daughter and I sing in the choir and it is such a joy to my heart to be able to lift up my voice in song to the Lord. We prepare the congregation hearts to hear the message our Pastor will deliver. I love dressing up and getting our 6 girls ready for church. I believe we honor the Lord by what we wear to church and try to wear what He would want us to wear. I love to see people walk the aisle to get saved and get right with the Lord. I love to see new converts baptised and welcomed into the family of God. We go to church to worship the Lord and He really blesses us because of it. Sincerely in Christ, Leesa C. Eph.2:8,9
@AmbiePam (79705)
• United States
13 May 08
I usually enjoy Sunday mornings very much. The song service refreshes me a lot. I like to sing sing sing! It's a wonderful time to be able to express how wonderful Jesus is. Sometimes I lack words, but in songs I can fully express that. But I enjoy the preaching the most. Some days it is more like teaching, but whatever it is about, I never come away without having learned something that would further enrich my life.
@nengs10 (3180)
• Philippines
7 May 08
Going to church is what I love to do before. As much as I want to attend the church, I just don't like the pastor and his colleagues in the church nearest to our house. I find them intimidating. They're really not the type who are approachable. Also, for me, they don't deliver the words of the Lord very well for people to understand more. They even confuse the church-goers. I really need to find a new church.