Why do I have hairy legs? Are they shiny and sexy?

United States
May 4, 2008 5:28pm CST
I wonder why I do have hairy legs. I wonder if they are sexy and shiny. My legs has always been really pearly white. I have not been in the sun that much at all. I never had any tan or color on my legs at all. Yeah in my preteen years, possibly when I was twelve, my legs started getting hairy. I know it will possibly stay that way forever. Of course I sometimes use tweezers to pull off some hairs. Hey, I used to pick on my oldest sister in my family that she always has hairs on her legs. Those hairs are real tiny, clear or white, and shiny. The hairs on my legs are black. I used to pick on my ex-girlfriend that she had hairy legs. I saw that there were very tiny clear/white and shiny hairs on her legs. All I see on my legs where some hairs were pulled out are follicles that are real visible on my legs. New hairs will grow out in 4-6 weeks possibly. Could anyone please tell me why do you think I always have hairy legs? And how about tweezers for pulling some of them off my legs?
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@flowerchilde (12534)
• United States
7 May 08
..my hubby's legs are so glaringly white ya have to wear sunglasses just to be in the same room..
@ellie333 (21018)
5 May 08
Hairy legs on a guy are fine so you are ok really its when its on a women it doesn't look so good. Ellie :D
@jer31558 (3683)
• United States
5 May 08
I would think that body hair such as arms and legs are inherited, though I dont know if it is passed down from the mother or the father. If you are using a pair fo tweezers to remove the hair on your legs, I would think that either your legs are very not hairy or you are very, very, very, very,very patient.
@wisconsin26 (3859)
• United States
4 May 08
Well from reading what you were saying it seems to me your a male.. well males have hair on their legs it's normal and natural... Normally men don't shave them unless they are into sports or something in that sort... Women also have hair on there legs but do shave them but it's just something women do... Some don't as well.. But that's them.. Why would you use tweezers to pull hairs from your legs that would hurt ouch... I do use them around my eye brows so that they aren't bunched up and they look nice and now that hurts as well.. but on my legs I'd rather use a shaver or some Nair to remove it...
@danzer (2727)
• Philippines
4 May 08
If you are a man, that hairy legs are nothing to worry. Men with hairy legs are normal and you don't need to pull them or there will be more growing on your legs. I encountered a man who was gay before and he shaved his hairy legs. Now that he became a real man, he has hairy legs.