do you check your car before driving it?

United States
May 4, 2008 11:14pm CST
I don`t check mine every day,but I do about 2 to 3 times a week.I know of several people don`t ever check their car,they don`t check the oil,lights, water, brake fluid,air pressure in tires,hoses, belts.most young people just don`t care,I took every one of my children out and made each one of them,change a tire,put the donut tire on,told them they souldn`t drive very far on this tire.and no faster than 30 mph.Also had them check,oil, all lights, water,and everything I mentioned above.showed them how to & where to put the liquids in.I helped a lady the other day, she was putting oil in her car through the dip stick,no one had ever showed her where the oil goes.I feel that if you don`t know how to do these simple tasks,find someone to teach you, or please don`t drive a car or truck on the road.
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@tholitz (1127)
• Philippines
5 May 08
Hi there miracleman2008! I always check my car everytime I go to work. It's been a habit or prerequisite before I drive it. I will look at the level of the water in the reservoir,brake and clutch fluid, oil and battery. Then I will also check if the tires are properly inflated with air. I think it is better to do this than have a problem. It's really nice to see how you taught your children about this and explaining to the ladies the function of oil in the car.