@antoid (20)
May 5, 2008 5:09am CST
Hi guys... I'm anto from Indonesia. I just want to share a food from Indonesia. It's called Gado-gado. basicaly the food is from vegie and it is mixed together with peanut that has been minced. So, it will become peanut sauce after add water in the peanut sauce. After that we can add egg that boiled, tofu, soya meat, and also fried red union. Have you guys, already try this food? It is really really delicious.
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• Malaysia
5 May 08
Hi antoid. I've eaten Gado Gado when i was in Medan few years back. I find it almost like Rojak Mamak which can be found in Malaysia. It's sauce is also made of peanut sauce but a slight difference in the ingredients and also Mamak Rojak uses cuttlefish/beancurds and other deep fried crispy balls. I like Gado Gado because as it's not so spicy and it tastes slightly sweet and very fragrant too. I miss the Gado Gado in Medan and wish i could go there again to eat Indonesian Bakso and also Nasi Padang hehe.
@podqueen (341)
5 May 08
Yes, I eat it all the time when I holiday in Indonesia. In Malaysia they have something similar called Rojak - that's nice too. My boyfriend who is a vegetarian also eats Gado-Gado.
5 May 08
When we were in Indonesia a year ago, we did eat Gado-gado and it was delicious as are all the food of Indonesia, so tasty, spicy and peanutty