Present and past.......

@janejaa (412)
May 5, 2008 5:43am CST
When I was a student at college, I planned to to be a teacher in my life. I started my career as a teacher soon after I finished my college but you know what happened. I just lost my interest in being a teacher and some domestic problems also aroused so I gave up teaching. Now I work in a private office. I just want to ask you here " Are you that what you planned to be while you were a student".... If no then what field did you plan to be in?
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• India
5 May 08
I did not make any plans as such. Maybe I should have, but then I did not possess the wisdom I now possess. Now, I can just advise and guide youngsters who think they know everything and don't need any guidance from people like me. When I was in my 10th, everybody wanted to become a doctor or engineer, it was the fashion of the times. No one told me about aptitude and doing what you love and so on and so forth. I got into medical and quit and shifted to English Literature. The only thing open to you if you do you Eng Lit is to become an English teacher in as reputed a college as you can get into. Well, I got into the most reputed college in my locality. The job sucked and I discovered that I hated it. I quit in six years, and now, I am finally doing what I love--freelance writing!! Cheers and happy mylotting.