Has anyone tried Holy Basil for stress relief?

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May 5, 2008 1:17pm CST
I have heard for a while now that Holy Basil is a great herb for dealing with stress. Has anyone used Holy Basil for stress? How effective was it? I am curious to know. I am fortunate enough to be one of the few in the world who handles stress well, so I am interested in knowing if I should or shouldnt recommend Holy Basil to others who suffer from stress.
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6 May 08
I haven't used the Holy Basil for it, although some friends have and like ti? But I use a stress reliever herb called scullcap and it's wonderful and carried in most health food stores! Works for me!
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7 May 08
THANKS! I will have to give it a try if i get the chance.
@tintinn (277)
7 May 08
I never knew that it can be used for stress but I know it is nice for stir-fried. ^^