halo 3 .how do u feel about it?

May 5, 2008 2:05pm CST
i had played halo 1 and i really liked it too.i m very excited about halo 3 .wht i wanna ask u guys is it good or so-so.have u played it or not?.
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6 May 08
no no and no, halo 3 has been a big big disapointment to gamers across the globe, the reason? there is hardly any differance at all between halo 2 and halo 3 if you wana a good game that includes shooting the sh*t out of alien invaders just get the orange box: amazing pysics, extrordinary realism and npc actions, the ablilty to shove long metal pipes through the gut of the combine aliens. gotta be the best game pack out there, half life 2, episode 1, episode 2, portal, team fortress 2. and only 20 odd pounds for the pc, best gaming deal... ever
• India
6 May 08
thank u for replying and i m very gr8 ful to u for such a gr8 sharing of info with me and others.
@grimking (11)
• United States
1 Jul 08
i got the game the day it came out and spent 120 bucks on it. i beat it on legendary in a few days. the matchmaking sux, and the singleplayer is way to short. the only reason i keep it is b/c my mom bought it for me and she passed away so its important to me
• Australia
13 Jun 08
I think that halo 3 is an absolute masterpiece of gamming. Additadley the COD4 mission are better than halo 3. Halo 3 still rips apart any game for online play
• United States
13 May 08
Sorry but COD4 has virtually wiped gamers memory clean of Halo 3...Halo 3 is just like halo2, but with a 3...And the story is a little bland than what I would have expected from a developer that was releasing their last major game (cuz face it, bungie is NOTHING without microsoft..) But in the end, i would still play halo 3 if i had a 360..
@swanny686 (150)
• United States
6 May 08
i dont know what this kid is talking about....its more similar to halo1 than halo 2 and if you played the 1st and second you should know the differences..the maps are awesome (well most of em are anyway) sniping was changed slightly (reduced magnatism) and the forge is amazing...its not just a game anymore its almost a game designer....i love the game...the campaign wasnt as good as i thought it was gonna be but th emultiplayer is solid....films add a fun aspect to it too... id rent it and see for yourself