were you made to wear the 'V' on your forehead for your first RHPS viewing???

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May 5, 2008 8:39pm CST
i remember the day this movie came out on video and we had a big party at our apartment to watch it. my roommate had never seen it so several of us attacked her with an eyeliner pencil and drew a big 'V' on her forehead for 'virgin'. she laughed her head off. anyone else made to go through this embarassment?
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8 May 08
I did not get the infamous 'V' on my forehead because I played it cool. I had only seen the movie twice and then went to see it live! I didn't even know how to do the TIME WARP!!! However, people behind me got tagged and the things they had to do were HILARIOUS!!!
@anna728 (1499)
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23 Jul 09
Haha no, but... They made me and the two people I was with come up on stage before the movie in front of everyone and do "the virgin pledge". It was like the pledge of allegiance except instead of putting your hand over your heart they said to "put your hand over your most valuable body part"... a little ambiguous.
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23 Aug 08
no my first time i was not given the V. i had to have someone eat a twizzler from in between my legs. but on the plus side when i joined the cast i gave lots of people V 's so that made me feel better about it. my favorite one was when they put balloons between peoples leg and the cast had to get on there knees and pop it. very symbolic
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25 Jul 08
Hard to believe but I have been watching this movie for almost 15 yrs and yet I have never been to a showing. Sad, I know. I would hope that I would not get the V if I did go since I know the movie so well but at the same time I don't know if it would bother me too much because the whole experience would be something to remember.