This Mother Upset Me

@Rozie37 (15499)
May 6, 2008 1:45am CST
A little while ago, a friend of mine on Mylot asked something to the effect of when would be a good time to give up your child if you are not able to properly care for them. Today I was sitting next to a lady at the bus stop who appeared to be a transient. She had her little girl with her and you could tell that the little girl hair had not been combed in a while and was on the verge of becoming matted. I watched as the little girl wandered to close to the curb and the mom would call her back and remind her that the bus driver had already told her before that it was not safe to stand that close to the street. The little girl had to be about four years old, but she had a bottle in her mouth. There was about a corner of milk left and she was basically holding it in her mouth, but not drinking the milk. What upset me though, is that the mother took some papers out of her bag and started reading them. She acted as if she had totally forgot about the child. Maybe she did, because the little girl started walking away. I looked at the mother, then looked at the child walking away and then looked at the mother again. I wasn't sure if I should say something and if so, what would I say? Finally when I got annoyed enough, I said, you might want to go get your daughter. She called for the child. I do not remember the girl's name, but it was as off as the mother seemed to be. When the little girl finally wandered back, her mother says, don't do that to me again and she proceeded to fuss at the little girl. I thought to myself, the kid should be saying that to you. But I didn't say anything. There was another lady there who was minding her own business, so I decided to do the same as long as I could see that the child was safe. This kind of thing makes me know that but for the grace of God, these kind of children would be dead already.
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