Call for Territorial Integrity!

@perry8 (40)
May 6, 2008 5:43am CST
There's enough evidence that Tibet had become a formal part of China when Kublai Khan established the Yuan Dynasty in 1271. The central government strengthened its control over Tibet and succeeding Tibetan religious rulers all actively sought the central government's recognition and support!
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@youless (112177)
• Guangzhou, China
6 May 08
After the People's Republic of China was founded, then Tibet has already been a part of China. We liberated it in peace. So it is wrong to say that Tibet doesn't belong to China. I love China
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7 May 08
So Tibet became part of China in 1271? So what? In 1066, England was invaded by the forces of William, Duke of Normandy. Is England still part of Normandy? No, it's now part of the United Kingdom. Borders and political setups change, that's a natural part of life. I wouldn't kill or imprison anyone just for a line on a map.
@perry8 (40)
• China
8 May 08
of course Tibet is part of China, because China never invaded Tibet. Originally Tibet is China's territory. you are British, naturally you stand up for your country's territorial integrity! So what you wanna say? If you wanna say Tibet should be independence, ok, I'd like to say that England, Scottland and Welsh should be independence! I am relly confused that why so many foreigners wanna say that Tibet is not China's territory. Tibet problem is China's domestic affire, and anyone who comes from abroad doesn't have any rights to talk about it, even don't have the right to say that Tibet should be independent!
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8 May 08
If the people of England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland voted for independence from the United Kingdom, that is exactly what would happen - the country in question would become independent and there would be no violence. In fact, there are political parties who argue for that openly, without fear of violence being used against them by the government, and some of them have elected representatives. Unlike China, we are not an empire, and we are not afraid of free speech and political debate. That is our strength.
@Perry123 (363)
10 May 08
Stuart as Perry 8 says, it is not our business. so explain to me why for years the CIA have been conducting clandestine operations in Tibet? I don't see the CIA giving the Cornish rebels any help ;) The CIA did exactly the same in Afghanistan and Chechnya of course backing al quaeda against Russian communism. It sucks and we ought to butt out. Tibet is part of China.
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