Can you make a completely stranger feel familiar with you in few minutes?

May 6, 2008 8:28am CST
Can you make a completely stranger feel familiar with you in few minutes?Or have you once experienced such meet and whether you made it relaxful for your strange friend?If yes,share with us your experiences and tips;if not,do you think it necessary or have you ever regretted no contact with yesterday's stranger or friend?Here,I would like to briefly narrate one of my recent experiences.It was in Labor Day this year during my going home on the bus I met a pretty girl,fortunately she sat beside me and naturally we began our talk. After several minutes,I struggled to ask her name,but 'NO',she told me. Alternating my question,I asked her others,simutaneously told mine.Then she relaxed and communicated with me freely,non-stopping talking,a talkative outer-going girl.Soonly,we arrived,I suddenly felt it a loss if no contact between us so I asked again for her phone number. '158...''name?''xxx'then we aparted but now we keep in good touch with each other and share somthing interesting and happy. Thank you for your time and reading.Do you have something to share or to correct?
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• China
7 May 08
It's really very nice of your experience from your narratoring.I am a little shy when faced strangers and have little thing to talk with a stranger even if I really want to do a good communication.From my perspective ,I think the ability of what you have told is undoubtedly very important in this information era.So I'm now doing my best to improve my contacting ability,but as you know the beginning of everything is difficult.I'll persisy until I succeed.If you have some useful methods I hope you could share with me,I will thank you very much .Besides ,my MSN address is,hope we can get some further communication if it's convenience to you.
@1madhu23 (90)
• India
6 May 08
Hey, what matters is what you sustained? Winners in life are not those who starts some thing, but those who sustain what they start. Life is not about good start. It is all about get going.
@chirantani (1382)
• India
6 May 08
Well, I do have to share something in this regard. I meet a guy in a train, talked for hours during the journey time , and then exchanged telephone numbers,we used to call each other, but later on I lose contact with him,due to some reason of which I am not sure about.This happens sometimes to everybody.