How do you know that he/she is the right one for you???

May 6, 2008 11:03am CST
I've been in a couple of serious relationships and it used to be so good in the beginning but after some months or maybe a year i end up getting bored or fed up with that person.In the beginning of every relationships I think that this is the right person for me but ultimatly he turns out to be something else than I expected. So I want to know how do we find out or know that the person you are dating is the right one for you?
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• Philippines
19 Jun 09
The answer to that question lies in yourself longcha07. Its not about the other person, or it can partly be because you are dating people based on their looks alone. But the thing that I see here, is that perhaps, you are not emotionally ready to commit yourself. You like to feel the giddiness, the excitement of the early part of the relationship....but building one is not all that. You have to be emotionally prepared to commit, to work on the lows, to make it work. The giddiness doesnt always last in the relationship, I tell you speaking from my 7 year relationship (ongoing), but that doesnt mean you break it up because you're bored. That is so immature to say! You find ways to make it esxciting --yeah, YOU... But it doesnt always end up that you will last forever with him/her. Its also a matter of compatibility. You share enough in common, yet have differences that interests you. Its the difference that intrigs you and similarities that guides you to having fun...meaning you do stuff together becuase mutually you like to and you delve more on the other person because you want to know how different she is to you.... There is no magic spell to finding the right person. In fact, there is no assurance that the person you are dating is the right on--The One. It's a matter of taking risks, knowing yourself what kind of woman/man you want in your life and can make you happy, and being emotionally ready to commit to one. I'd like to say, Time, plays a factor, but even that alone cannot. You may be with that person for years now, and yet you still break up in the end. In everything in this life, especially when it comes to matters of the heart --- there is no guarantee, no just have to take the leap of faith on this one!
31 Jul 08
with love comes evrything! well thats not what i wanted to start with, i guess there's no such formula of knowing ya this one is the right one by calculating 1+1=2 or 1 wat ever but one thing about relationship is: expectation hurts alot. Expectation in itself is not bad and evryone must have expectation but when expectation is high the lebel comes to "selfishness" so we need to be careful even in our expectation and as human your lover cannot meet all your expection. on the other hand when anyone wants to enter into the relationship the motive is also very important. and many people get into relationship thinking that he/she loves the guy/gal and end their relationship like lightning. but that i called infatuation and not love. for with love comes everything. and with maturity come the right decision or true love.
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• Indonesia
15 May 08
The main problem why you get bored easily or ended up quickly is, you bring too serious in your relationship. You hoped too much, unrecognized by you, your behavior and decision making were influenced by the "serious" thought. Then others (your ex) looked as if you tried to cage on them by your manifestation, concerning the serious part. Everybody is expecting for a serious relationship, but we also need to know if the other side is ready or not. Chasing them to expect they will procreate the same way just like you want, is a bad push for your relationship and it's valid on no matter how many times you engage in several dating. Even though you find that guy, that'll be nice only on your first stage of dating, lately he'll also leave you because of emotionally exhausted. Be relax, step the relationship's stage altogether, create as many chances to him. Slowly dating process will give you the clearly way to solve the snippets problem that would be probably a big obstacle in your marriage. When you have learned these, those little problem would be solved without bringing it to big flames. You may also find something to bring a spice in your relationship, as long as it's a normal event to relationship. Good luck.
8 May 08
I really do believe there is a time when you are in a relationship with somebody and you just know that you cannot live without them. There is a point at which you suddenly realise you would o anything for that person and that they feel the same about you. If it is meant to be it will happen and work.
• India
6 May 08
there are times when you get into a relationship not because you want to but because you feel you have no other way to go about.people normally start dating people because they like the attention and the things lovers do in the initial stages of dating but when time passes the true character of the person surfaces which could be different than what we want our partner to the best way is to take things slow,enjoy single status for a while an decide what you actually want in your partner and the traits you would wish them to have.and then just look for the perfect partner and things will be beautiful!