What does Halloween mean to you?

November 1, 2006 2:21pm CST
Hungarian Halloween Well, autumn is upon us here in Hungary and the chill of the -3 last night has all but laid bare the most stubborn foliage. Through once green laden trees the toil of the summer lay hidden from one`s gaze, the new garage and the new pergola are now exposed to the intruding eye of the curious passer-by. Exposed like the bare belly of the swimmer on the beach during summer are these enhancements to the banker's boulevard. The toil of the summer gardener now all but a memory as all before the frost is browned into the unrecognisable and ghostly appearance of what looks like a crazy guy with roundup has taken his revenge on the green of life. Driving along we travel under a canopy of leafless trees and peer into a barren earth of lifeless straw, where once succulent long grasses grew. Into the undergrowth we see the evil of the summer polluter with the bottles and the ever present plastic wrappers of the commercial world are exposed to impair the vision of the mother nature`s brown brush strokes across the world before the undercoat is applied enabling the wonderful colours of spring to envelope the world in all their glory. Halloween is here and somehow the honouring of the dead before a bank holiday is somewhat an irony, one wonders just how many died from the pain and the strain of the debt to the honoured bankers. Somehow we as humans look upon life different in every part of the world but we all respect the dead. Halloween here in Hungary is about showing your respect to the dead and the laying of flowers upon ones lost lovers and family. Busy for the last few days were the mourners and the respectful as they cleaned and gardened the plot of the remaining memory of those who have been and gone, tonight candles adorn the tombstones across the nation showing light to the cut flowers abundant scents as they mingle in the land of the dead. From roadsides we adore the commitment of the weary mourners as they display their silent fireworks for their lost loves. The grace of the lights as they flicker under the moonlit frosted night gives us all hope that our way to the heavens will most surely be on the moonbeams as they seem to bridge these scented lights. Morning will arrive and all lights will be extinguished under the brightness of the rising sun but hopefully this year`s life travellers will have travelled the moonbeams to the paradise of their dreams. Is Mother Nature so decent that it clears the foliage from earthen ground for those unmarked and unintentional leavers of life to enable clear passage to their paradise even when there are no mourners? Nature`s other life forms must surely be honoured the same respect for they to have lived and loved but are not forgotten by their own lovers. To all of you making the journey tonight enjoy your venture up your scented moonbeam to life beyond and bon voyage.
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@ferryy (1083)
• Indonesia
1 Nov 06
in my my country nothing halloween, i don't know why?