A Song I Wrote

United States
May 6, 2008 3:21pm CST
So, I decided to write a song, but I'm not really sure how decent/good it is. It's a religious song and it doesn't have a name, but I like it. Put your own tune to it if you want or try and figure out how I'd do it. **I'd really love some feedback!!** I praise my father up above For making me who I am We were all created equal But our lives are not the same Taught me love and serenity Gave me a million dreams to dream You believe that I can acheive anything And forgive me when I don't succeed I feel your unyielding spirit Building inside of me I know you're thinking about me And I'll never be alone {For} You are my protector You're digging deeper in my heart Helping me to accomplish a whole lot more Stirring a fire inside my soul I can see how much you adore me *Repeat Chorus, etc* ~~I feel there's too many me's and my's, but not really sure what I can do to change it and it still sound ok?~~
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