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United States
May 6, 2008 8:16pm CST
My aunt is 33 weeks pregnant, and this is the latest ultrasound picture that she has gotten. In this picture, I can see two different faces but they are saying there is only one in there. Am I the only one who sees it??
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@Gemmygirl1 (2870)
• Australia
30 May 08
I agree with what someone else has said - inless you actually know what you're looking for, things can often be seen that aren't really there. You should put up a picture of this scan & let others have a look to see if they can see more than 1 face! I'm a little confused as to why she's having her scans so late, maybe you guys just do things different there but here, they will occasionally do one to find out how far along you are to begin with & the 2nd one is around 19 weeks when they check for defects, that's usually it. I'm at 33 weeks now myself & although i have only had the 1 scan for the entire time :) With my first pregnancy i thought i saw things in there that weren't really there too!!!
• United States
24 May 08
sometimes doctors can even bypass the second baby if there is one.. when my doctor told me i was having twins he said good thing we caught it and saw the two sacks.. as a joke.. but then i asked him seriously if he had ever not seen a twin. he said there was one time that he had a women who was 18 weeks pregnant and went for her first ultra sound that until then she didnt even kow they were having twins... the heart beat was exactly the same.. at the ultra sound they noticed two sacs and thats when he realized she was having twins... well she went into labor at 34 weeks and turns out she had triplets!! there was only two sacs because there was a set of identaicals in one sac that was hiding the whole time!! so whenever they herad the heart beats they just assumed there was two because the other one was so close in beat with the identical one! do you have a picture of hte ultrasound? id like to look just curious! thanks
@kezabelle (2984)
7 May 08
Have you got the picture? Its easy to mis read them if its bouncing off the insides of the womb it can cause shadows etc and a lot is dependant on babys position if they say theres only one at 33 weeks I would say they are right I cant imagine them missing another child once she got to 33 weeks!
• United States
7 May 08
Ultrasounds can be misread I've heard people talk of it how the doc. said there was only one but come to find out there was actually two. They have also misjudged what the baby was going to be a boy or girl. I hope they are correct when they told your aunt this and if you saw two and it turns out to be two she will be blessed w/ 2 instead of just 1. Good luck to her.