United States
May 6, 2008 11:01pm CST
Ok so this was a great site over the last few months, you could do video reviews on items. They would pay you a certain amount for whatever you reviewed, and you would get a penny for each person who watched your review! A fantastic idea and it was going so well..... until..... Last month they completely changed the payscale to $10.00 per video. Which i thought was great as i put a lot of work into my videos, and was excited about this. They raised the standards for the video approval, which again was good as there was some bad videos on there. So I did some reviews, and the first three were approved. Two were not and they tell you what needed to be fixed. In this case it was the lighting, so no problem. I re-did the videos, fixed the lighting and re-submitted it for approval. With this new system, you can only try twice to get the video in, otherwise it will be put in for the "pay-per-play" money only, which is 1 cent per view. Well it was rejected, without reason.. which is funny cause the only thing wrong with it.... from their mouths, was the lighting. So basically Expo is like your bi-polar girlfriend you had back in school. You never know whats going to happen, she says one thing and does another.... and she takes your money without asking! Expo still gets your videos, will give you 1 cent each time someone watches it... and approves ones when they feel like it, with no real criteria whatsoever.
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• India
30 Dec 10
I heard about this review site just few days back but did not join it as I realized it is a video review site. I know I am not good at doing video reviews and I am better off writing reviews. Even though I am not a member of this site I suggest this to my friends when they ask me for a good site to earn money online. The concept of the site is unique. When all others are asking for written reviews, this is a site asking for video reviews.