What's the feeling when you really in love?

@liuqian (476)
May 7, 2008 1:38am CST
My friend met someone this semester,and he is very nice.And they spent a lot of time together.It was a really beautiful time.But she said that she just very happy to see him,not like " heart beat quickly" or "face turned red".But sometimes,she said,she really miss him.Maybe she is just like him.So i wonder what is the difference between love and like.I have no idea about it. I read a book yesterday,and a sentence catched my eyes:"stay with the one you love in winter,the winter is a magic spring;stay with the one you like in winter,the winter is a beautiful winter." Is it true?
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• Philippines
7 May 08
well...i even can't tell though its TRUE or NOt.,the person concerned must see to it how is it the feeling to be with him..whether he feels in love nor nor or just an admiration to someone..i think to be fall in love is a natural feeling arise when both has get together for a quite nor long period of time...to like someone is to admire his acts and caress that posses to make you missed those things.. i think LOVE had big difference in LIKE .. Love -can change your life for a lifetime.. Like- is just a mutual feeling that would be felt in a certain period of time...and if it does grows better and stronger it can also lead to love.... hope this HELP... @jam@ ~enjoy life~simply amazing***
@liuqian (476)
• China
8 May 08
Thank you!Sounds right.It did helped me to distinguish them.xie xie!^^
@Tabby123 (53)
• United States
8 May 08
I think Love is when you just know that even when your not trying to think about that person and you find your self thinking about them anyways and when you know that you can't live a day without them in your life and if they where to go away you would go crazy, And I think like is when you like to be with someone but you know that you can live without them there. But anyways Hope you find the answer your looking for..