The Hummingbirds are back and Feeding

@EvrWonder (3575)
May 7, 2008 9:47pm CST
What a pleasant suprise. With a sudden shortage of the intelligent little things for the past couple of years, I am so pleased to have not one but two coming back tot he feeders this year. With the new season upon us, the birds coming in for nutrition, I'd like to remind everyone to 1.) Keep your feeders in a position that cats and squirrels can not reach. A couple years a go, I hung my feeder from a plum tree. Ants swarmed the feeder.. 2.) Do not use a mixture of sugared water that contains food coloring 3.) Keep the feeders clean and santitized 4.) Deposit leftovers from feeders and replenish at least twice a month I am hoping to build a section of the garden near the feeders that will attract the humingbirds as well. The Robins have their eggs hatched now and am hoping that we will see baby hummingbirds flying the skys within the next while as well. For my feeders I make a mixture of 1 cup of white granulated sugar to 3 cups of distilled water that I bring to a boil. Then take off the heat and sit aside until it cools. Then I clean and fill the feeders. Rehang and wait for the hummingbirds. They seem to be dropping by about ten times a day. I must try and get a picture. They fly so quickly and are shy. What do you feed your hummingbirds? Are there many hummingbirds showing up in your area this year?
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@Amber4106 (541)
• United States
9 May 08
I have only seen one hummingbird this year, which I am absolutely excited about. This year is the first year that I've even been able to get the birds to come around. They seem so scarce anymore. Over this last winter, I've hung 4 feeders, and managed to get a large amount of birds feeding from them. But I was so excited when I seen a hummingbird a few days ago. We've never had them around here, so I ran into the house and found an old hummingbird feeder. I washed it and filled it up and hung it outside. I know that the chances of seeing another hummingbird are slim, but just in case it does come back, it's atleast got something to go to if it would like. :)
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@EvrWonder (3575)
• Canada
9 Jul 08
Hi Amber, please pardon my absence, taking so long to get back. I am excited about the hummingbirds as well. We have had three this year so far. I learned something new that I must relay. The first time I filed the feeders, I did the 2 to 1 thing, One cup sugar to two cups of water. Brought to a boil. Cooled. Then filled feeders. The hummingbirds were going crazy for it. The next time I replenished the feeders, I didn't measure. The birds are not coming to the feeders as much. I have determined that the mixture is not sweet enough. It is important to make sure that the measurement is correct so that once they get a taste they will remember and return. They like it sweet but not too sweet either. Do Not Add Red food coloring, like some people do. It is not good for the hummingbirds and they really don't care if the nectar is red or not. The feeder should have bright enough pieces on it that it attracts them fine. Good luck and please keep me posted. PS: Finally we are getting a bunch of bumblebees again too. I am so happy to see them.
• United States
12 May 08
we just use a sugar water mix too. but ive always added a drop or two of red food coloring..but you say not to. why? ive always thought that food coloring was safe for everything isnt it? we've been getting 2 or 3 little females and a young male..but then there is a boss bird lol a purple headed alpha male apparantly, cause he seems to think that the feeder is HIS, and chases everybody else off whenever he catches sight of them.