How can you say that youre enjoying your life??

May 8, 2008 2:31am CST
I'm enjoying my life now by helping others in simple ways. I am a helpful person. I can't just resist a request from my friends and to any.. I can feel that I have a worth by helping others. It really gives me joy when I get thank you from those who I helped before.
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• Philippines
8 May 08've got the point there dwarfyray!!! its really a NICE feeling to help others as they Confucius says, better to served than to be SERVED with it's BETTER to give than to receive,,, by helping other,,it's doesn't always connotes giving a thing but also services given free with heart to a concerned person... its like CHARITY with love on what are you doin.... you think of others before yourself ....^^ happyu for you also for your kindness...hope it will last a lifetime...## KEEP IT UP!!! @jam@ ~live life~ be contented***
@pengwei (10)
• China
8 May 08
SO do I , I love my life and enjoying my life , I think it is lucky in the world .SO we should treasuring it . we help others by our power . this is value of life .
@amitpuri (457)
• India
8 May 08
I am enjoying my life in all the respects i can say. I am living for my friends and help them in every problem and always with them in all the moments whether happy or sad.I think we get this human life after a huge time and we shouldn't let it go like that so always enjoy life to the fullest and that is what i am doing and my friends are the my lifeline and my life is with them and i am really enjoying my life and having a great time with my friends.
@paid2write (5201)
8 May 08
I think that is a nice attitude to life and it is always good to help other people. They must really appreciate your help too. I try to live a good life and not to upset or harm anyone. I will feel bad if I do. I am not one who asks for help and I enjoy my life because I can do things for myself and don't have to rely on other people.
@zhpshql (694)
• China
8 May 08
You are so kindhearted~~~ No matter when we help the others or we get some help from the others, we will feel very pleased. So try our best to help the others. And especially when you have the ability.