smile always...

May 8, 2008 2:51am CST
Is it true that smile promotes happiness?? For me it's the symbol and a sign that a person is happy. Isn't it true?
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@pooh08 (671)
• Vietnam
8 May 08
You like look at the person with smile face or sad face prefer. In my country always has idiom that a smile equal as the ten restorative traditional recipe. So you should optimistic more and more.
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• India
9 May 08
Hello dwarfyray!!How are you? Smiling is always pleasant, and who doesnt like a smile.I feel when you see someone smile your own heart gets light and somekind of happiness develops within you.
• Philippines
9 May 08
hehehe... I'm with you 100%!!
@excellence7 (3649)
• Mauritius
17 May 08
Smile is simply the reflection of a happy mind, a peaceful soul and a healthy heart, believe me this is what paint you an everlasting smile :D
@sunkissed (4330)
• United States
16 May 08
It is always good to smile, you never know whos day you will brighten up. Plus they say if you smile, the world will smile back at you.
@bestie (3246)
• Philippines
9 May 08
you know a simple smile can create and promote a good milieu,it can be the best therapy to a sick person.No matter how bad is your day,when you see someone smile on you,it overwhelms you,its flaterring!It seems that your day turns to be all right.yeah,it may be a sign of happiness but careful,some may fake their smile..its like a deception...they mask their true feelings through smile...but nevertheless a smile is good so keep on smiling always!
@Ivanak (129)
• China
8 May 08
In different evironment, smile represent different means! But total speaking, smile can set other person's heart at rest!
@mimpi1911 (25473)
• India
8 May 08
I genuinely feel that smiling works wonders. A smile can change the whole day even a relationship. A little smile can brighten the whole day and enhance happiness. It is certainly a sign of happiness to me. Smiles... more smiles.....