cooking for your family

May 8, 2008 6:17am CST
i would like lots of responses on this one i want to know when cooking for your family do u enjoy it or do you think of it as a chore
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• United States
12 May 08
Some days it's a chore but on other days I do enjoy cooking for my family. The problem I have is my father-n-law lives with us and my husband works nights. So, on some days it seems like I'm cooking all day or night. I also seem to never get all the dishes washed on days like that.
@teka44 (3421)
• Brazil
8 May 08
Hi kimmiecross. Welcome to mylot . I really enjoy it because I love to cook. Only when I'm not well and I'm sick it is a chore. But rarely. cheers
@its07005 (50)
• Malaysia
8 May 08
i absoluteley love cooking breakfast for my family....seeing the look on their faces... but i rarely do it anymore...
@Anne18 (11034)
8 May 08
Some days cooking is a chore and some days I really love cooking for them. I like to cook cakes,biscuits, bread etc all from scrath. But I don't get to do this every often due to time. I do find if I cook from scracth the food tends to be eaten in half an hour and I then feel good that they have eaten all the homemade food but sad that I have spent wo hours preparing nad cooking in the kitchen and its gone in 30 mins. I like it when my daughter is in the kitshen as she is good with the tidying up