I can't sleep!!!

May 8, 2008 10:04am CST
I never had sleeping problems until now. For a week now i manage to get just 3-4 hours of sleep and i feel very tired all day long. I tried sleeping in the afternoon when i felt exhausted but my eyes won't shut. I am not drinking more coffee than usual i am not doing anything different. I am having some problems that are keeping my mind busy ...but i do not understand why i can't sleep. I've had bigger problems than this one and i slept alright. Any words of advice ? Please...What should i do to sleep at least 6 hours ..that is all i need...
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@best_jr73 (259)
• Philippines
9 May 08
oh my,You can't sleep? I think it is very difficult for you lately. I have been to that situation before and sometimes I still experience it. Since I have been very busy on some stuffs recently, I am glad that I was not having any difficulty on sleeping. All I can recommend or suggest to you since we have already tackled those stuffs lately, I am a health student by the way. I just want to share that you avoid drinking drinks like coffee because it contains caffeine, why not drink milk instead? Also, you try to avoid afternoon naps, it is better to have naps at the morning. Get rid of those thoughts that are racing on your head, have a peace of mind. There are actually a lot of techniques usually but it depends from person to person. Hope you could recover from it as soon as possible, have a great time my dear friend. ^_^
@checapricorn (16065)
• United States
8 May 08
I have experience that before and since I don't like to take any pills to help me get some sleep, what I did is to make my self busy during the day by working anything, inside and outside the house, exercise by following some DVD and I never take anything heavy before 6 pm! i also read a lot to tired my eyes and it helps me in a way to get enough sleep even if I had some nap in the afternoon! I hope you will find any way that will work for you!
@realgem1 (260)
• India
8 May 08
1) You really need to start jogging or excersice at home 2) Drink lot of water 3) coffe is ok 2 times a day 4) start meditation 5) Breathing excerisce Check my blog for more tips for mind related disorers. visit my profile for my blog.
@kykidd (6818)
• United States
8 May 08
As time goes by, some things bother us more than others. Maybe you can try working on the internet or reading a book before you go to sleep. Something that will tire your eyes.